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Welcome to the Texas Unified Nutrition Programs System!
If you are currently operating a Nutrition Program and would like to request access to TX-UNPS, or have questions about TX-UNPS, please contact us at:

(877) TEX-MEAL or

Summer Mandate

  • The Texas Summer Mandate screen is now open.

Resetting Your Password (Revised 04/11/2014)

  • (04/11/2014)  If you click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Log On screen to have one automatically generated and emailed to you, you can expect to receive the email with your temporary password within an hour.  If you do not receive the email and have checked your junk mail box for it, please call us at 1-877-TEX-MEAL (839-6325) and we can reset your password for you.

  • (03/28/2013) A new feature allowing users to reset their own passwords has been added to TX-UNPS. Users who know their user ID but have forgotten their password should click the "Forgot Your Password?" link on the Log On screen to have one automatically generated and emailed to them.
  • (03/28/2013) Once a valid user name and email address is entered, an automated email will be generated and sent to the requester. This email will be from TX-UNPS Help Desk ( Please check your spam filter if you do not receive the message.
  • (03/28/2013) Please call 877-TEX-MEAL if you need assistance.
  • When resetting your password, please remember that your new password must contain a special character. Some examples of special characters are % & $ @ * !

Avoiding/Resolving TX-UNPS Session Conflicts (Revised 07/12/2012)

  • (07/12/2012) TX-UNPS only allows users to sign into TX-UNPS only a single time. If a user signs into TX-UNPS more than once, a session conflict will occur and must be resolved by the user. The instructions for resolving session conflicts can be found at

System Maintenance

  • TX-UNPS will be unavailable each Wednesday and Friday evening from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm (CST) for regular maintenance.

TDA Disclaimer

  • Information in this system and documents submitted become public record and are subject to disclosure. With few exceptions, you have the right to request and be informed about the information that the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) collects about you. You are entitled to receive and review the information upon request. You also have the right to ask TDA to correct any information that is determined to be incorrect. (Reference: Government Code, Sections 552.021, 552.023, and 559.004.) Unauthorized use of TDA information resources is prohibited and misuse is subject to criminal prosecution. Except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws, there should be no expectation of privacy. Usage may be subject to security testing and monitoring.